Just K

Hey, I am Kate March. I am so excited to finally get to express my life and style to you. I am from Long Island, New York but I consider myself a Manhattanite at heart. I go to Pace University downtown which is where I met Marilyn, actually at a Bikram yoga class (first and last due to being a broke bitch who likes shoes). I am the girl who is constantly working on herself, I am hardworking, passionate, stylish (obviously) and when I do ANYTHING I never do it half ass… ever. I’ve been dealt quite a strenuous hand throughout my life which is when I started writing around the age of 13 in a composition notebook, covered with my cutout clippings of pictures from Vogue. I then realized my passion for the world of fashion and style and made it my outlet. My hope for this blog is to inspire even just one reader with confidence, style, and poise. So.. welcome to DearManhattan.